Less Money for More Oil-SPE-183089-MS


Less Money for More Oil - Advanced Drill Cuttings Analysis Improves Post Fracture Oil Production, Wolfcamp Example

Sergey Stolyarov, Kenneth Roberts, Said Sadykhov Baker Hughes; Amanda Rebol Arris Petroleum and Chi VinhLy CGG

来自Bake Hughes的推荐。据说他们推出了一项基于岩屑的新技术:Advanced cutting analysis.这是一种强化的SEM。Advanced drill cuttings analysis is an analytical technique that uses a ruggedized scanning electron microscope’s (SEM) imaging capability, combined with energy dispersive spectrometry’s ability to determine spatially resolved bulk mineralogy (Frost et al. 1976). 具体能干什么没说,重点讲了一下brittleness index (BI) 的应用效果。


  1. The clear correlation was found between the brittleness index, frac surface treating pressure, and the pumping rate. Brittle stages achieve target rate much faster than ductile. Ductile stages generate more near-wellbore friction therefore it takes more time to remove NWF(near-wellbore friction) and achieve the designed rate than in brittle rock. These findings suggest that placing stages in similar rock type area can potentially help in simultaneous fracture initiation in all clusters that can improve production.

  2. The study found no relationship between mid-field complexity and brittleness index.

  3. Advanced drill cutting analysis provides near-real time very economical solution that can help improve well productivity and reduce lifting cost.

  4. The well 1-H post fracture production is higher than the offset geometrically completed well. Productivity Improvements could be due to combinations of multiple factors: Advance cuttings analysis-based completion and better reservoir quality.


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